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Wooden Sheets

Whether you need plain wood sheets or bespoke shapes for a special project, Cut My Wood can help you find the ideal product for your needs. Our cut to size service means you can order the sheet to your exact specifications without having to worry about cutting it down to size when you begin working with it. It also means you only pay for what you need, rather than having to deal with wastage.

At Cut My Wood, we offer a choice of hand or laser cut wood sheets in a range of materials – from plywood sheets and MDF, to chipboard and timber sheets. Wood sheets are versatile and can be used for numerous projects and applications, both for around the home or garden, and for businesses and commercial construction.

MDF sheets are commonly used for furniture, interior cladding and shelving, while chipboard sheets are effective as ceiling linings, internal fittings and general purpose joinery. Timber sheets can be used for stud wall partitioning or roofing battening, as well as being a great choice in gardens for fencing, composters and raised beds. Plywood is a raw yet useful material that is useful for boxing in pipes or electrical cables, as well as for sheds, benches, shelving and concrete framework.


Laser Cut Sheets

Laser cutting wood sheets offers an accurate finish to your exact specifications. Laser cutting works up to 20mm, so it’s effective for a wide variety of applications. Laser cutting leaves a slightly darkened edge to the wood, which becomes darker the thicker the wood is, so this is something to bear in mind. However, the effect can be quite rustic and some prefer an even darker finish for aesthetic purposes.


Bespoke Shapes

The beauty of laser cutting is that any shape or design you can think of can be produced, so you can be as creative as your imagination will let you. Perhaps you want to create a bespoke sign for the front of your home, individual name plates for each of your bedrooms or a custom-made sign to give as a housewarming present or a wedding gift.

Combined with our wood engraving services, we can produce a unique and personalised item that will really wow your friends and family. We can cut custom shapes from any type of wood upon request, so just get in touch with our team to discuss your idea and we can provide you with a quote.