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Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF)

MDF is an incredibly versatile and popular material due to its dense and durable properties, and a clean finish that’s free from grain or knots. MDF sheets are easy to work with and can be finished with veneers, varnishes or paints with ease, making them ideal for a host of building projects. Whether you’re working on a home project to improve your storage solutions or require large quantities of MDF for a commercial project, we can provide cut to size MDF to fulfil your requirements.

MDF, or Medium Density Fibreboard, is a reconstituted wood panel product which is made from dry-processed wood fibres, rather than veneers or particles, making it denser than plywood or particleboard. MDF wood has an even density throughout and is smooth on both sides, meaning it can be painted or varnished easily, and easily machined, sanded and drilled without damage.

MDF can also be easily dowelled together and traditional woodwork joints can even be cut. It can also be glued together efficiently using PVA wood glue, as well as being sanded or routed to get the desired edge effect you’re looking for. MDF board is typically used for internal applications, such as for doors, cupboards or interior panelling, both in the home and for commercial uses, as well as for furniture due to its strength.


Cutting MDF

Cut My Wood provides MDF cut to size to suit any project or DIY task. We supply MDF in a range of thicknesses as well. The most popular thickness for a host of different projects is 18mm MDF which is strong enough to be used for shelving, cabinets and wardrobes.



While MDF can be purchased in raw form with a fine sanded surface, it can also be bought with a decorative overlay such as vinyl, melamine paper or wood veneer. Veneered MDF can be purchased in a number of wood finishes, with oak veneer being one of the most popular, for a wide range of decorative interior applications, from kitchen and bedroom sets to hotel and shop fitting projects.


Laser Cut MDF

MDF is versatile in that it can be cut by hand, as well as easily laser cut or laser engraved, so the possibilities are endless. If you’re looking to have a design or text engraved onto your MDF sheet ready for a special project, we can provide a great and precise finish to your order.