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Woodworking Accessories

Deciding which material you want to use is just one part of woodworking – you also need to think about the wood fixings you’ll need as well. From screws to brackets for shelving, there’s a lot to consider when embarking on a construction project, big or small.

Fixings and Fittings

Depending on the task, there are various options for fittings, from wood glue to basic screws and nails. For example, if you’re looking to fit plywood or timber shelving in your home, you’ll need to ensure that you have brackets to support the wood and any items placed on it in the future. If your project is small, wood screws are usually enough to secure pieces together firmly without the risk of it breaking. It’s also worth having a stash of cams and bolts, as well as connecting screws, which are useful for putting furniture and cabinets together with securely.

Tools and Hardware

Whether you work on large-scale woodworking or just have some DIY tasks to complete for your home or garden, having the right tools for the job makes it much easier to produce a professional looking finish. A good quality drill and an assortment of attachments is a good investment for putting pieces together with quickly and efficiently, along with screwdrivers, hammers and a sander for smoothing off any rough edges. Often overlooked, a caulking gun is also a useful tool to have around for adding sealant or silicon to any joints.



From wood stain to paint, there’s a number of options available for providing the perfect finish to your project. There are three main types of finish for wood – evaporative, reactive and coalescing. Wax is an evaporative finish as it is dissolved in a turpentine or petroleum distillate to form a paste, which evaporates off to leave a waxy residue on the material. Wood varnish and oils are reactive and work by reacting with oxygen or solvents and curing as they dry. Lastly, water-based finishes fall into the coalescing category and include stains to leave a glossy finish.



Veneers for wood such as MDF are a great way to keep the costs lower but still have a wonderful finish to your final product or build. MDF veneers can be sold as rolled sheets or as tape for easy application onto plain MDF boards. From smoked wood to natural finishes, veneers make it easy to add a different style to your project without breaking the bank.